Thursday, 22 June 2017

What is Safer Travel?

ツ      Today the year sixes had a special Safety Talk about the how to keep yourself safe when on a vehicle. The lady told us the how to keep safe and what not to do when you are on a school bus. There has been many accidents over the years although year there has been no accidents yet. She told us the danger of buses and how to keep safe when; waiting for the bus, when you are on the bus and when getting of the bus. She also told us about bus passes and warnings for misbehaving. The bus pass that you get has a number on the front that is the bus that you have to go to school on. There are 4 main warnings: 
1. First time you misbehave you get 1 warning
2. Second time you misbehave you get a week or 2, banned from the bus
3. Third you get up to 2-a month of being banned from the bus
4. The forth one is up to a school year or for the rest of your school life!!!! ツ 

By: I.B and K.E 6JO


Thursday, 15 June 2017


In Archery at PGL we shot the arrows at the target. First we got taught how to play archery. Then Robin taught us how to play the holiday game. The holiday game is where you have five colours with celebrity names on. There were two other rows, one had transport and the other had holidays on it I got Justin Beiber on a cruise ship to Dubai. Regan got Mr O'Connell on a private jet to Greece.

High ropes

High ropes

In high ropes we had to were a harness and a helmet to keep us safe. We went to the top of the high ropes which was about 20 meters high. High ropes was really fun and there were different stages to complete and it went in a circle. When you were up there it looked a long way down. There was also some tyres to climb through or over, there was also a little platform to jump over to get to the next stage. There was also a bridge that looked really wobbly but it wasn't at all. There was also a rope to hold onto when you went across a rope below your feet. 

DS and JW 6JO

Rifle shooting

At PGL our favourite activity was rifle shooting. We enjoyed it because firing the gun was fun when you hit it. To hit the metal, you had to centre the middle bit between the two other little markers. We then had to hit targets on a piece of paper and sink battle ships behind the paper.


Sensory Trail

At PGL we did a thing called the sensory trial, this is where we put black out goggles on . Then we were given a rope and guided into the wood there were different obstacles to go across. We could not see anything an the teachers sprayed water at us. After that there was obstacles we had to dodge so we wouldn't fall over, and it was very weird how we couldn't see were we were going so it was a surprise.  Sometimes we tripped over roots and branches and landed on our knees and hurt them. Though at the end we got to see the trail that we went through and it was very short though when we were blindfolded it was very long.

By L.E and G.L


At PGL we did many activities including one of our favourites trapeze. What you had to do in Trapeze is climb a thin pole with some hand holds to grip on to. When reached the top there is a small square platform to pull yourself up. Once pulled up you have to stand on that, then in front of you there is a metal bar you have to catch by jumping to it. But of course there is someone
belaying you just in case you don't grab on to it! 
By: R.R and I.B~ 6JO


In abseiling we sailed down a 40foot wooden wall. We were harnessed to a rope that could hold the weight of a baby elephant. We also had to put a helmet on to protect our heads. Once we were at the top of the wall, we had to go through the bars to get to the edge of the wall. When we were ready to go down we leant over the high drop to make an L shape. Then we started to descend. When we were walking down the wall we had to let a black rope slip through our hands. when we got near the bottom they told us to do little jumps.